Zurya Anjum

From: Quetta, Pakistan  Current City: Sartell, MN
"We all pretty much have the same life. We’re just living it a little bit differently."
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When Zurya Anjum moved to the United States, she left behind her family and career to start over. She overcame many obstacles in her pursuit of a happy and fulfilling life in the United States.

The youngest of three daughters, Mrs. Anjum was born in Quetta, Pakistan. Her father was in the military, and her family moved from city to city until he retired. Her mother was highly educated—with two master’s degrees—and spent her life as an educator; Zurya was always encouraged to excel academically. In a society where the majority of women do not work outside the house, she completed medical school and worked in her profession.

Like many Pakistani women, Mrs. Anjum had an arranged marriage. She met her husband shortly before the wedding, and then moved to the United States. When she first arrived, she couldn’t work as a physician or even drive. After contemplating her future, she studied hard, passed her Medical Board exams, and completed her post-graduate training.

Zurya has lived in the United States for seventeen years and works as a psychiatrist. Although she was initially unhappy about living in Minnesota due to the cold weather, the state has since grown on her. She has two children and often gives lectures at their schools about her culture, religion, and experiences. Ms. Anjum and her family live in Sartell, MN.


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