Vesna Straser

From: Maribor, Slovenia  Current City: New York City, NY
"I said to myself ‘What’s next? There has to be something else.’ I needed something different."
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After completing her college education in her home country of Slovenia, Vesna Straser felt like she needed a change of scenery. Ultimately, she decided to take her knowledge of business and economics to the financial capital of the world—New York City.

Ms. Straser was born in Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia.  After graduating college with a degree in business, she noticed that there were limited opportunities for her career in her home country. Through the Open Society Institute, Ms. Straser was offered a one-year scholarship to Bard College in New York. Her experience was eye-opening, and Vesna gradually realized she wanted to return in the future.

Although her exchange scholarship required her to return to Slovenia, Ms. Straser came back to the United States for graduate school, realizing the education she received would be better suited for the U.S. than Slovenia.  She returned and earned a PhD in economics from the University of Notre Dame. After graduating, Ms. Straser promptly moved to New York City.

Since moving to New York, Ms. Straser has worked for a number of institutions including ITG Inc., Jefferies & Company, Lehman Brothers, and Barclays Plc. She currently works for CQG as Director of Trading Analytics. Additionally, she has served as the president of Branch 93 of the Slovenia Women’s Union of America. Ms. Straser continues to reside in New York City with her husband and two children.


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