Ubah Ibrahim

From: Merca, Somalia  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"My hardships have made me a stronger person. I worked really hard from a very young age, and I continue to work hard for my studies, my life, and my future."
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At the age of two, Ubah Ibrahim left her hometown of Merca, Somalia with her family. A violent civil war and a volatile economic climate left them no choice but to leave.

in 1990, Ubah fled to Kenya where she lived in a refugee camp. Although the camp provided some sense of stability, life there was not much of an improvement. There was no school for the refugee children, and both of Ubah’s parents passed away from illness and malnutrition. After spending two years in the refugee camp, Ms. Ibrahim was able to contact an aunt living in the U.S. who offered enough financial support for her to live in the city.

The hardships in Kenya continued for Ms. Ibrahim. She did not attend school and possessed no Kenyan identification. From the age of twelve, she worked as a dishwasher in order to support her elderly grandparents. Ultimately, Ubah’s aunt sponsored her U.S. visa. Ubah was “so happy to live the dream”and come to America. In 2004, she arrived in Georgia.

Ubah had a difficult transition in her new home. She attended school for the first time in her life, but was placed in the tenth grade. Although she had a tough time catching up with her peers, she ultimately graduated. Currently, Ms. Ibrahim is pursuing her nursing degree. She volunteers at Regions Hospital and Edina Care and Rehabilitation Clinic.

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