Thê Pham

From: Thanh Hóa, Vietnam  Current City: Lacrosse, WI
"I cam to the US for two things. First, I came for freedom. Second, for my children, so they could have a better future."
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Family has always been the biggest priority for Thê Pham. He left a secure life in Vietnam to give his children the best future imaginable.

Mr. Pham was born in the city of Thanh Hóa in what was formerly known as North Vietnam. Fleeing the communist government in the north, he moved to South Vietnam where he attended a seminary for four years. Afterwards, he became a grade school teacher before joining the Vietnamese Air Force. He spent twenty years with the Air Force before deciding to leave Vietnam altogether during the Fall of Saigon.

With help from a friend in the Navy, Mr. Pham took his family on a naval ship to Guam. After being processed by the U.S. government, he was sent to a camp in Pennsylvania where he awaited sponsorship. A farmer from Wisconsin sponsored Mr. Pham and his family.  Farm life was a drastic change from life in Vietnam. Wanting to pursue better educational opportunities for his children, Mr. Pham moved his family to La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Mr. Pham was always worked hard to give his children the best opportunities available, often working multiple jobs. At the age of 75, he continues to work as a custodian and maintenance worker. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening and playing the piano.

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