Terence Ndifuanja

From: Babungo, Cameroon   Current City: Oakdale, MN
"People never believe that they can come to the U.S. But the beauty of the U.S. is that it’s a place for everyone."
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Growing up in Cameroon, Terence Ndifuanja thought an education would be unlikely. After overcoming many obstacles and building a successful career in accounting, he makes sure to remind people, “Always look at the positive things in life.”

Mr. Ndifuanja was born in Babungo—a small village in the Northwest region of Cameroon. The oldest of seven children, his parents gave him very little encouragement when it came to education. Fortunately, Terence’s grade school teacher went to great lengths to give him a better opportunity, even helping Terence obtain a birth certificate so he could attend high school. After graduating college, Mr. Ndifuanja found a job as an accountant for Plan International—an organization devoted to promoting and protecting children’s rights.

Interested in adventure and new opportunities, Mr. Ndifuanja entered himself in the US Green Card Lottery and entered on behalf of his wife as well. While he never won the lottery, his wife did, and they decided to leave their relatives and established careers for something new. After a difficult transition in the US, his wife returned to Cameroon with their children until Terence was able to secure a job in Minneapolis.

Mr. Ndifuanja is a financial controller for the American Refugee Committee—an international nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian assistance and training to refugees and displaced people around the world. He lives in Oakdale with his wife and three daughters.

For more information please visit: http://plan-international.org/, http://www.arcrelief.org/site/PageServer


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