Tenzin Lhabu

From: Kathmandu, Nepal  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"I didn’t remember my parents at all. I was told that they were in America but I didn’t have any vivid memories of them. It was hard to get used to them when I first came here."
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Tenzin Lhabu was only a child when he left Nepal. He left everything that was familiar to him and was reunited with the family he barely knew.

 Born in Kathmandu, Mr. Lhabu was raised by his grandparents for the first six years of his life. Looking for better opportunities, his parents moved to the United States when he was only a year old. Life in Nepal was joyful despite belonging to the minority Tibetan population in the country. Tenzin was surround by loving friends and family members until one day when he found himself at the airport. Being quite young, Mr. Lhabu did not fully understand the gravity of the events around him. Accompanied by one of his uncles, Tenzin flew to Minnesota to be reunited with his parents and to be introduced to a younger brother he had never met.

The first few months in the United States proved to be a difficult transition for Mr. Lhabu. Everything in this country was completely different, from the language to the smell of gasoline. Tenzin missed the Tibetan culture, seeing crowds of people in streets, and, most of all, his grandparents. In time, Mr. Lhabu grew accustomed to his new home and to the family he barely knew.

Currently, Mr. Lhabu is a high school student. His life is filled with typical teenage activities like following professional basketball and considering college applications. He lives in Minneapolis with his parents and brother.

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