Stine Åsland

From: Sannidal, Norway  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"It might seem a bit far out but it’s really not just a product, these Nordic waffles. It’s part of our culture."
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Stine Åsland came to the United States to spread Norway’s unique—and delicious—culture. Her Nordic waffles have become wildly popular in her new home.

Ms. Åsland was born in the small town of Sannidal, Norway. In her youth, she participated in a number activities such as soccer, skiing, and girl scouts. Stine lived with her mother and two older sisters while her father worked in various countries in Africa and Central America. She regularly visited her father in these countries and lived with him in Costa Rica for a year. Through these experiences, she learned of the adventures and opportunities available to her throughout the globe.

At the age of 21, Ms. Åsland bought a gas station franchise in Norway. When she sold it, she founded Telemarksrøra, a program that provides equipment and training for retailers to prepare and sell Nordic waffles in their stores. Stine sold the company in 2014 and looked to the United States for her next enterprise.

Stine moved to Minneapolis in 2015 after unsuccessfully establishing herself in Nashville. She chose Minnesota because of the large Norwegian-American community and was immediately embraced by a number of Scandinavian groups. In the summer of 2016, Ms. Åsland founded Nordic Waffles in hopes of sharing her Nordic culture throughout Twin Cities.


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