Shamilla Amulega

From: Mambasa, Kenya  Current City: Eden Prairie, MN
"The people I interact with get to learn about different aspects of life, especially from an immigrant perspective."
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Education has always been a priority for Shamilla Amulega. She left her home country to receive the best education possible.

Born in Kenya, Ms. Amulega was heavily encouraged by her mother to pursue an education. After high school, she attended Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. During her studies, she befriended an American missionary who encouraged her to pursue her further education in the U.S. Ms. Amulega applied to a work program through FaithWorks—a subset of Catholic Relief Services—and moved to Minneapolis.

Moving to Minnesota was a dramatic shift from her life in Kenya. Aside from the biting winters, Shamilla had to adjust to cultural differences like the cuisine and driving laws. When she completed her work program, Shamilla moved in with a host family comprised of former missionaries. She earned her master’s degree from Bethel University and began working for a media production company.

Currently, Ms. Amulega is pursuing a PhD in Media Communications and Culture from Howard University in Washington, D.C.  In addition to her professional life, Shamilla contributes to her community by advocating for refugees and for women’s diversity.

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