Shakun Maheshwari

From: Bhilwara, India  Current City: Orono, MN
"Art is the best way to learn about other cultures without any fear. Through art it is easy to learn about history, heritage, and social life of any country. It is a great privilege to share my art experiences based on folk art of India with every age group."
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Art has always been an integral part of Shakun Maneshwari’s life. Not only has it been a means of self-expression, but it has been a tool for sharing her identity and background.

Ms. Maheshwari was born in Bhilwara, India in 1949. The eldest of five children, she always helped out around the house. Even a young age, Shakun had a passion for art and would decorate household objects. As with most Indian people, Ms. Maheshwari had an arranged marriage. After the wedding, she moved to the United States, where her husband already had a job. Since she enjoys traveling, Shakun didn’t hesitate when it came to immigrating.

In 1969, Shakun arrived in Chicago. Although she missed her family and native culture, Ms. Maheshwari had an easy transition due to her adaptive nature. She began to display her art in her new home and developed her personal style by combining her cultural heritage with modern techniques. She began to teach and host workshops and started sharing her culture through visual art community.

Ms. Maheshwari continues to spread her culture through art. She established her own business—Shakuntala Design, Inc. Additionally, she is a teaching artist and has taught workshops at organization like COMPAS, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Art Start, Minnetonka Center for the Arts. Shakun has exhibited her work in several galleries and has won numerous awards. She lives in Orono, Minnesota with her husband.


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