Rukshan Wijeratne

From: Colombo, Sri Lanka  Current City: St. Joseph, MN
"I want to be able to give back to the community. I want to be able to share my culture."
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As a child, Rukshan Wijeratne thought he would spend his entire life in his native Sri Lanka. To his surprise, life had other plans in store for him.

Mr. Wijeratne was born in the island nation of Sri Lanka. He grew up an only child and attended an all-boys, catholic grade school. After he graduated high school, Mr. Wijeratne began exploring options for college. He discovered a school that was partnered with a college in Texas. Rukshan contemplated his future and decided to study in the United States.

When Mr. Wijeratne arrived in America, the first thing he noticed was the size of the country; it was a sharp contrast from his island home. As time went on, Rukshan began to feel discriminated against because of how he looks and his name. Even getting a simple car loan was a challenge. Nonetheless, he has persevered and overcame a number of obstacles.

Since then, Mr. Wijeratne has lived in the United States for almost twenty years. While he sometimes misses his home country, he does his best to keep in touch with his childhood friends and recreate Sri Lanka cuisine in his own kitchen. He works as an IT administrator and lives in St. Joseph, MN.


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