Roswitha Anderson

From: Ludwigsfelde, Germany  Current City: St. Cloud, MN
"There is so much to see here in the United States, and they have so much more to offer than what they have in Germany."
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Roswitha Anderson has faced many challenges throughout her life. Her tough upbringing has shaped her into the strong and perseverant woman she is today.

Growing up in Germany, Ms. Anderson was faced with obstacle after obstacle. When social services came to her apartment, she was placed in an orphanage until the age of sixteen. Years later she became a single mother and struggled to support herself and her son. She fell in love with an American solider stationed in Germany, married him, and left Germany to start anew the United States.

It was difficult for Ms. Anderson to adjust to the American way of life. The first time she ventured into a supermarket, she didn’t speak any English and tried to find ingredients for a roast. To her husband’s amusement, she purchases soup bones instead. With help from her husband and helpful neighbors, Minnesota started to feel like home.

Since then, Ms. Anderson has worked several different jobs while raising a family of three children. She currently works part time for Premiere Real Estate Services and the St. Cloud Public Defender’s office. In addition to her professional life, Ms. Anderson loves to babysit her grandchildren and spend time with friends.


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