Roshika Nepal

From: Jhapa, Nepal  Current City: Fargo, ND
"I remember that I cried when I had to leave the refugee camp because I was leaving everything behind. I was leaving my friends behind forever and some family members behind, so it was kind of sad. I lived there for eight years, now I'm leaving that place."
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When Roshika Nepal set foot in her new home in Fargo, it was like stepping into another world.

Roshika was born in the Timai refugee camp in Eastern Nepal. Her parents were Bhutanese refugees who lived in the camp for ten years before Roshika was born. She lived in a mud house with her other siblings and attended school in a bamboo building. She stayed in Nepal for eight years before her family was selected to be resettled in the United States.

When she arrived in Fargo, Roshika was sad to leave her friends behind but was excited to start her new life in the United States. Roshika arrived in December 2010; she saw snow for the first time in her life. Her uncle picked her up from the airport and brought her to her new house. It was a far cry from her mud house in Nepal.

Not understanding any English, Roshika struggled in school; she was the only Nepali student in her grade. She eventually made many friends and has grown more comfortable in Fargo. Currently, Roshika is a student at Fargo South High School. She also plays on a soccer team with several other girls from Nepal.

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