Roberto Fonts

From: Havana, Cuba  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"My intention is to spread empathy, compassion, and respect for humanity. I’m deepening the commitment to be heard so that you are heard, that everyone is heard."
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As a child, Roberto Fonts dreamt of becoming an ambassador for his native Cuba. Today, he strives towards becoming not only an ambassador for Cuba but for the entire globe, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to be heard.

Born in Havana in 1957, Mr. Fonts was two years old when Fidel Castro came to power. Growing up, he occupied his time with typical childhood activities—swimming, biking, and playing with friends. But Roberto soon saw several of his friends leave the country as their families immigrated to the United States. In time, he looked to immigrate as well, in search of better opportunities.

After being detained by police for purchasing a contraband article of clothing, Mr. Fonts was able to obtain a Cuban passport; a recent change in Cuban policy allowed citizens with criminal records to leave the country. With his older brother, Mario, he boarded a boat at the Mariel Harbor and landed in Miami. After three days in a resettlement camp, Roberto was moved to another camp in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. He decided to look for sponsors in Minnesota and resettled in Finlayson—a town with a population of 27.  He was resettled again shortly afterwards, landing in Anoka, Minnesota.

Currently, Mr. Fonts is the President and CEO at Dialog One, a company he founded in 2000. Dialog One is a language and cultural service provider that assists organizations and individuals in communicating their messages across the global market. Their services include translation, interpretation, and cultural mediation. Roberto lives in Minneapolis with his wife and children.

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