Robert Cohanim

From: Tehran, Iran  Current City: Saint Paul, MN
"I see myself as a citizen of the world…I define myself by my connection to my family, by my roots, and by the community I establish, wherever that may be."
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Throughout his life, Robert Cohanim has appreciated the multicultural background he gained growing up Iran. His experiences allowed for an easy transition to life in America.

Born in Iran, Mr. Cohanim always appreciated the incredible diversity he encountered in his home country. His father comes from a long line of Jewish-Iranians that have lived in the region for centuries; his mother was born in France to Iranian immigrants and fled during to the rise of the Nazi party. Robert attended an international school where he was exposed to a variety of cultures and philosophies.

The international school offered its students the opportunity to apply to a number of colleges in the U.S.

Mr. Cohanim decided to apply to Macalester College in Minnesota. His uncle was a professor there and his brother a student; Robert wanted to be near family. When he arrived, Mr. Cohanim immediately felt comfortable in his new environment. He felt embraced by the intimate community of St. Paul. Robert’s journey took an unexpected turn during the political upheaval that took place in Iran in the late 1970’s. Although he was shaken by the events, he received immense support from the Macalester community.

After graduating, Mr. Cohanim knew he wanted to pursue a career that would allow him to utilize his interdisciplinary and diverse education, eventually discovering homeopathy He started his own homeopathic therapy company: Historical Remedies. Mr. Cohanim continues to reside in St. Paul, not far from the Macalester campus.

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