Reza Alizadeh

From: Rezaieh, Iran  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"This is really a place for anybody who has any desire or motivation to really make a life for themselves."
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The Iranian Revolution brought about many social and political changes within the country. When Reza Alizadeh saw the revolutionaries’ many promises go unfulfilled, he saw no other option but to find refuge someplace else.

Prior to the revolution, Mr. Alizadeh enjoyed a happy and carefree life with his parents and siblings. At the age of thirteen, he witnessed the collapse of his government and, eventually, his society. He made plans to immigrate to the United States just as his brother had done years earlier.

Mr. Alizadeh’s journey out of Iran included enduring a rough bus ride, navigating security checkpoints, hiding in a swamp for several days, traversing down a rugged mountain path on horseback, and dodging heavy crossfire. To his relief, he arrived in Turkey unharmed and began the process of starting his new life. After a brief time in Italy, Reza was granted political asylum in the United States and rejoined his brother.

Mr. Alizadeh is a graduate of Macalester College and Northwestern College of Chiropractic. He is the owner of Life Clinic Chiropractic, which provides chiropractic services nationally, and Align Chiromedical Clinic located in the Twin Cities. He developed the Integrated Muscle Joint Therapy (IMJT) method—an innovative approach that focuses on stabilizing soft tissues, joints, and nerves. Reza lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife and three children.

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