Rebecca David

From: Kampala, Uganda  Current City: St. Cloud, MN
"I’m trying to make something of myself so that kids that are back home can say 'Wow, even though you came from here, you still made something out of yourself.'"
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Through her life, Rebecca David tries to be a role model for children in Africa. She hopes that her example will instill hope in others.

Ms. David was born in Uganda to parents who left South Sudan because of the Sudanese Civil War. Before she was born, her father relocated to Kenya and then to the United States to help support their family. Rebecca grew up only knowing her father through photographs and telephone calls.

In 2003, Ms. David’s visa to the United States was approved, and she took a plane to Minnesota. Although she was excited to finally meet her father, it was hard to leave her home and grandparents behind. When she started going to private school, Rebecca realized that all of her peers were white. She started to feel like she didn’t belong because no one looked like her.

Currently, Ms. David is a student a St. Cloud State University where she studies mass communication to become a television reporter. Outside of the classroom, she works for local television and radio stations. Rebecca hopes to someday open a preschool back in Africa to help give children there the opportunity for quality education and inspire others to believe anything is possible.


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