Quynh Giang

From: Dong Thap, Vietnam  Current City: Stockton, CA
"It’s not easy, but if you are persistent and patient, you can get what you want for sure."
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Ms. Giang was born in Dong Thap, a province in southern Vietnam. She later moved to Ho Chi Minh City—formerly known as Saigon—where she earned her BA in economics and foreign trade from the Foreign Trade University. After graduating, Quynh worked in Vietnam as a developer for an international company.

A few years later, Ms. Giang went to the Netherlands on an academic scholarship. She earned her MBA in International Business Management from Nyenrode Business University before returning to Vietnam. In 2009, Quynh married but the few years of her marriage was marred by long-distance. Wanting to be in the same place as her husband, Ms. Giang decided to immigrate to the U.S.

When she arrived in 2012, Ms. Giang began looking for a job similar to the one she had in Vietnam. She struggled to find one and settled for a job as an interpreter, a position that allowed her to work from home and spend time with her daughter. As time went on, Quynh decided to chase her dream and found a job as a business and financial analyst, a position she holds to this day. Ms. Giang lives in Stockton, California with her husband and daughter.

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