Quazeem Adeyinka

From: Lagos, Nigeria  Current City: Fargo, ND
"The happiest moment of my life was when I touched down in America to be reunited with my mother and sister."
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When he arrived in the United States, Quazeem Adeyinka left behind the comforts of home, his close friends and family, and so much more. Life here has not been easy, but he is hopeful for the future.

Quazeem was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He grew up there with his parents and six older siblings. In elementary school, Quazeem was well-liked by his teachers and had many friends. Over time Quazeem saw some of his family members immigrate to the United States, including his uncle, sister, and mother. In 2009 Quazeem’s father passed away. After living with other family members for a while, Quazeem decided to apply for a student visa so he could come to America as well.

In January 15, 2016, Quazeem arrived in the United States. The happiest moment in his life came when the airplane touched down in Maryland and he got to see his mother again for the first time in years. When he first arrived, Quzeem used to talk on the phone with his uncle almost every day. His uncle lived in Fargo, North Dakota and told him stories about how great life there was. Quazeem decided to see for himself.

Since then, Quazeem has lived in Fargo with his uncle. He has had a difficult transition to his new life in America. School in Fargo was completely different from his Nigerian school, and many people struggled to understand him due to his thick accent. While he doesn’t have the rest of his life planned out, Quazeem is optimistic about his future and hopes to pursue a career in law.

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