Mary Patricia Solis

From: Bogotá, Colombia  Current City: San Francisco, CA
"Even though I had to start over, I feel like I got a second chance in the U.S."
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When Mary Patricia Solis left Colombia, she left her career, family, and culture. Despite this, immigrating offered her a new opportunity to grow.

Ms. Solis was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. She grew up in a very close family and received her education there. After she earned her BS in business, she began working as a financial manager at a Colombia company.

When she vacationed in California for four weeks, Ms. Solis met a man who would eventually become her husband. She returned to Colombia, and he followed. They were married four months later. She decided to move to the U.S. so her husband would not have to give up his career there. Instead, she left the position she held for seven years and immigrated in 2007.

Upon arrival, Ms. Solis struggled to find work. Her lack of work experience in the U.S. and her poor English skills made the job search difficult. With time, she found a niche within the nonprofit community. Currently, Ms. Solis is a development services specialist for the American Red Cross. She has worked in the nonprofit sector since her arrival in the U.S. She lives in San Francisco, California with her husband.

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