Pal Gurung

From: Jhapa, Nepal  Current City: Fargo, ND
"My family was nervous about being in a new country‚ but that nervousness quickly turned to joy when we finally reunited with our relatives after being apart for so many years."
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Although Pal Gurung struggled to get by during his first few weeks in America, things became much clearer to him as time went on.

Pal Gurung was born in Jhapa, Nepal, in the Timai refugee camp. He lived there with his family for fourteen years. Life in camp was difficult. Pal lived in a cramped, bamboo hut, and there often wasn’t enough food to eat. He would sometimes receive food and clothing assistance from the United Nations.

One night, Pal’s father told him that the family was applying to go to the United States. After completing the required interviews and medical checkups, Pal’s application was approved. In preparation for his new life in America, Pal went through an orientation process where he learned basic skills, such as how to call 911 in case of emergency. After finishing his orientation, Pal said goodbye to his family and friends and took a plane to Fargo, North Dakota.

Upon arriving in Fargo, Pal was extremely nervous about being in a new place. He felt at ease once he was reunited with relatives who we already living in North Dakota. Currently Pal is a student at Fargo South High School. Outside of school, he loves playing his guitar and competing in soccer. In the future he hopes to become a software engineer.

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