Nobin Gurung

From: Morang, Nepal  Current City: Fargo, ND
"We went to a big hotel where we just stared from the window and looked at the tall buildings. Cars were driving by and it was pretty amazing to see new cars and big buildings in America."
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When Nobin Gurung arrived in the US, he spoke very little English. He eventually learned the language by playing soccer with friends and telling stories

Growing up in the Pathari Refugee Camp, Nobin and his family struggled to make ends meet. He received food rations and attended a school built from bamboo. In 2007, his father left the family and moved to India. He returned to Nepal with another wife and an offer to send Nobin to private school. Nobin rejected the offer and decided to come to the US with his mother and siblings.

Nobin arrived in Fargo after a lengthy and exhausting journey. When he stepped out of the airport, he was greeted by a freezing blanket of snow. Nobin started middle school but struggled to follow along with his limited English skills. In time, Nobin improved his English and made many new friends.

Currently, Nobin is a freshman at Fargo South High School. After school, he spends most of time playing soccer. He plays on the Junior Varsity soccer team and is a Varsity reserve player. His favorite subjects in school are math and science. He enjoys science so much that he wants to become a cardiologist in the future.

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