Nelly Beltran-Espitia

From: Morelos, Mexico  Current City: Richfield, MN
"I’m the first person in my family who will graduate from high school and go to college‚ so I feel very proud of myself."
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Despite being so young, Nelly Beltran-Espitia has had to sacrifice a lot in her life. The hardest part for her has been being separated from her daughter in Mexico.

Nelly was born in Morelos, a city in central Mexico. A year after she was born, he father moved to the United States to better support his family, instead of earning a meager $5 a day in Mexico. Twelve years later, her father returned to Mexico and asked Nelly to join him in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Believing she would not be able to join her father, Nelly put aside thoughts of immigrating until she received a phone call. Her father arranged for an appointment at the American Embassy, and her green card was approved. While she was excited about joining her father, she would have to leave her eight-month-old daughter behind. Heartbroken, she left her infant daughter with her mother and moved to St. Paul.

After struggling to adjust to her new life in Minnesota, Nelly’s life has flourished. She is the first person in her family to graduate from high school and plans on attending college to become either a nurse or a hair stylist. While she visits her daughter in Mexico every summer, she looks forward to day when she can bring her daughter to the United States as well.

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