Nejah Ibrahim

From: Degehabur, Ethiopia  Current City: St. Cloud, MN
"Coming to an environment where the majority of the people are white was very terrifying. I said, ‘What world have we come to?’"
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As the eldest sibling in his family, Nejah Ibrahim has sacrificed a lot to help his family adapt to their new life in the United States.

Born in Ethiopia, Nejah grew up with his family in a refugee camp. His parents left their native country of Somalia because of the civil war and became refugees in neighboring Ethiopia. In the camp, Nejah went to school, played sports with his friends, and helped take care of his younger siblings.

One day, Nejah learned his family had been selected for resettlement. They had to undergo background checks, a series of interviews, and physical exams before being approved. Once the process was completed, Nejah moved to his new home in Alaska. Living in a place with white snow and white people what a huge adjustment. In addition to his schoolwork, he got a job at a home improvement store to help support his family.

After living in Alaska for several years, Nejah moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota. He is currently studying psychology at St. Cloud State University and hopes to become a high school counselor. He has participated in several community groups and helped establish a local Somali youth organization.


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