Nebojša Šerić – Shoba

From: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina   Current City: New York City, NY
"I believe that everything is possible. It’s just up to us to turn things around."
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While studying famous artworks during art history classes, Nebojša Šerić longed to see these great works in person. He left home to chase this dream and to share his thought-provoking art with the world.

Mr. Šerić was born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia in 1968. He attended both music and art school during his childhood. Due to the demanding academic requirements for these two fields, Mr. Šerić quit his musical education to focus solely on visual art, although music continued to play an important role in his life. He attended the School of Applied Arts and completed his mandatory Yugoslav military requirement after graduation. He was accepted to the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, but war broke out in the nation. Mr. Šerić again found himself in an army uniform; this time he was defending his hometown from siege.

After the war ended, Mr. Šerić developed the urge to explore the world. In 1999, Nebojša was accepted to Rijksakademie—an international visual artist residency in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He later married his American wife, whom he met in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and applied for his green card upon realizing that discrimination he faced in the Netherlands would prevent him from having an optimal life. Together they moved to New York City in 2002.

The work of Mr. Šerić has been displayed in galleries and exhibitions worldwide including the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, MOMA PS1, and the Venice Biennale. In addition to visual art, Nebojsa performs with his rock band, Burek The. Mr. Šerić resides in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, New York with his wife.

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