Nasro Kosar

From: Dadaab, Kenya  Current City: Faribault, MN
"I have empathy for how my parents feel. Because I have been there with them, and I know how it feels."
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Nasro Kosar had a very difficult life in her native Kenya. Moving to the United States was demanding as well. Through all this, she has always done her best to support her family and help others.

Nasro was born in the town of Dadaab, Kenya. She was unable to go to school and had few friends. Her days were spent helping her family with laundry, fetching water, and other household tasks. When she found out she was moving to the United States, Nasro was very excited. She thought her life would get much better.

In 2010, Nasro and her family arrived in Minneapolis. She faced a number of obstacles almost immediately. She didn’t know any English, she didn’t know anyone in Minnesota, and spent everyday inside her house. Her mother visited the city of Faribault and discovered many people she knew living in the area. Upon hearing the positive things people had to say about the city, Nasro’s family decided to move to Faribault.

Since then, Nasro has thrived in Faribault. She attends Faribault High School, has made many friends, and even helped her mother learn to drive. She continues helping her family in any way she can. In the future, Nasro hopes to become a nurse or doctor and continue her life of helping others.


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