Nadia De La Rosa

From: Guayaquil, Ecuador  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"It’s beautiful to learn about diversity and to respect it… I think I appreciate it more now."
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Because of her experiences, Nadia De La Rosa is a firm believer that “knowledge is power”. She takes pride in her ability to guide and assist other women to thrive in the U.S.

Ms. De La Rosa was born in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Her father worked for the military, and her mother worked as a dentist before becoming a homemaker. Because of her father’s job, Nadia’s family frequently moved around the country, never staying in the same location for long.

During her third year of studies at the Catholic University in Ecuador, Ms. De La Rosa became pregnant. She decided to get married and moved to Minnesota with her new family. Nadia wanted to start over and left everything behind in Ecuador to become more independent. As she previously lived in Miami, Ms. De La Rosa was already familiar with the English language and American culture. To adjust to the American way of life was not difficult, however, she found herself to be lonesome without her family surrounding her. During the remainder of her pregnancy, Nadia worked as a hostess for two restaurants.

Now a single mother of a thirteen-year-old daughter, Ms. De La Rosa loves her life in the US and believes her life “changed for the better”. She is grateful that her daughter was born and raised in the U.S.

Ms. De La Rosa currently works as a Paralegal at a consumer protection and personal injury law firm and proudly contributes to her community in Minneapolis, MN. Nadia also volunteers at several non-profit organizations where she is able to help and inform people without resources.

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