Musoni Mudatinya

From: Rucuro, Democratic Republic of the Congo  Current City: Fargo, ND
"Since we were unprepared for the Fargo weather‚ we copied other people. If they wore gloves then we wore gloves and if they wore jackets‚ then we wore jackets."
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Musoni Mudatinya never planned on coming to the United States. No matter where he lived, he has always tried to make the most out of his opportunities. 

Musoni lived with his grandparents in the Democratic Republic of the Congo until one evening when his village was attacked. Surrounded by gunfire, Musoni ran into the forest while soldiers battled around him. His grandfather told Musoni that he should leave the country and go to Rwanda; it was the only way to be safe. He hitched a ride on the back of a truck and arrived in Rwanda in 1996. 

Musoni was settled in the Kiziba Refugee Camp. While life in camp was free from gunfire, it was still a struggle to get through each day. Musoni had to share a small tent with six other people, and the camp regularly ran out of food. After spending nearly a decade in the refugee camp, Musoni started the process to be resettled in the United States. When he found out he was coming to America, Musoni celebrated with his family and looked forward to what his new life would bring.

When he first arrived in Fargo, North Dakota, Musoni struggled to adjust to such a different place. From the buildings to the weather, everything was different than it had been back in Africa. Since then, Musoni has grown more comfortable in his environment. After finishing high school, he plans on studying electrical engineering.

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