Muna Farah

From: Nairobi, Kenya  Current City: Faribault, MN
"I don’t want to live in a place when I’m living on Section 8 or housing support and things like that. So I think that makes me really driven to become really successful."
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Muna Farah has big dreams so the future. She is determined to take advantage of her opportunities and create a good life for herself and her family.

Born in 1997, Muna spent the first few years of her life in Nairobi, Kenya. Although she was very young, she remembers the intense heat and wonderful trees. Muna’s mother wanted a better life for her family so she left for the United States when Muna was very young. Several years later, she was able to sponsor visas for Muna and her siblings; the family would finally reunite.

Only three years old, Muna doesn’t remember much about her journey to Minnesota. Her flight landed in Minneapolis, and a long drive took her to her final destination—Faribault. Since then, Muna has grown up in Minnesota and has watched the Somali population in the area skyrocket over the years.

Muna is currently a student at Faribault High School and lives in a large household with her nine siblings. At school, she’s enrolled in advanced science classes and participates in several student organizations. In the future, she hopes to fulfill a lifelong dream of hers and become a doctor.


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