Monica Roxana Cornelison

From: Bucharest, Romania  Current City: Northfield, MN
"Coming to the United States was like opening a big window and seeing that people do care."
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When Monica Cornelison was younger, she didn’t think she would leave her home country of Romania. Life, however, had different plans in store for her.

Ms. Cornelison was born and raised in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. She grew up during a time that Romania operated under communism. During her early life, Monica would stand in line waiting for food rations and experienced electrical blackouts. In 1989, things took a turn when the Romanian Revolution began. Despite the uncertainty, Ms. Cornelison was very excited to be a part of such a pivotal moment in her country’s history.

When Ms. Cornelison was working at a university, a group of Americans came to ease the country’s transition into capitalism. One of these Americans people Monica’s husband. After getting married, Ms. Cornelison wanted to remain close to her family and moved around Eastern Europe. When her first child was born, Monica wanted to move to the U.S. so her son could get to know his American relatives as well and to further her education as well.

Ms. Cornelison earned a Master’s degree in human nutrition science. She currently volunteers at local public schools where she educations students regarding nutrition. She has lived in Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, and Mongolia and considers herself a citizen of the world. Currently, she resides in Northfield, MN with her family.

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