Michael Madayag

From: Quezon City, Philippines  Current City: Fremont, California
"America is a nation built by immigrants and I know that we can contribute a lot towards enriching this nation further..."
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Born in 1963 in Quezon City, Philippines to a middle-class family, Michael enjoyed a comfortable life in his home country. His mother was a pediatrician and his father was an attorney for the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Although Michael earned a BS in Civil Engineering,  he was never able to practice it and ended up instead in the event marketing field.

After his first job in sales, Mr. Madayag landed an entry-level job in the Philippines’ top export promotion agency where he worked his way up the corporate ladder to become a senior-level middle manager. After 17 years of gainful employment, he started his own business and grew it for 5 years until he had to leave for the U.S. when his family petition was approved afte a 19-year wait.

Michael credits his father for opening the doors for their entire family’s eventual relocation to the US. As a  World War II veteran, his father was given the chance to become a US citizen — an opportunity he made good use of by filing a family petition for his son, Michael. A few years later, Michael’s sister and mother started emigrating to the US as well, which left Michael as the only one living in the Philippines.

Although Michael  loved his life in the Philippines, it was his father’s wish for the entire clan to live in America. As such, he ultimately decided to emigrate, believing that America offers for the best opportunities for his children.

When Michael  arrived in California, he had to start his life all over again. He gave up a sizeable house in the Philippines for a small apartment in the US, and tried to restart his professional career. Through the many obstacles he has faced, Michael has grown even closer to his family, drawing strength from them. Currently, Mr. Madayag is a Field and Event Rep for Brite Vision and an Administrative Assistant for Maxim Healthcare Services. He resides in Fremont, California with his wife and 3 children.

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