Mayumi Amada

From: Gunma, Japan  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"I always feel I’m a representative of Japan because everybody sees my home country through me."
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Even at a young age, Ms. Amada knew her dream was to become an artist. She realized the U.S. is a place that provides opportunities for people to make their dreams come true.

Ms. Amada was born in a small village in the Gunma Prefecture of Japan. Her parents owned an appliance store, leaving Mayumi to spend most of her youth with her grandmother. Her grandmother taught her to sew and crochet, and she discovered she liked making things with her hands. The artistic opportunities within her community were limited and she didn’t have any interaction with art; Mayumi chose physical education for her major when she entered college.

Dissatisfied with her career and completely exhausted, Ms. Amada decided to take a vacation to the U.S. and learn English. She went to Minnesota and began taking ESL classes. She discovered her ESL program allowed her to take other classes within the University once her English reached a certain level. Mayumi began taking art classes; her passion for art “exploded”. Ms. Amada returned to Japan to retain her job as a physical education teacher but quit after one year and came back to the U.S.

Since earning her MFA in 2006, Ms. Amada is very active as a visual artist showing her work nationally and internationally. She teaches art at colleges and universities to share her joy for art with her students. She always tells the story of her journey to encourage students to pursue their dream and fulfill their lives. She lives in Minneapolis, MN with spiritual satisfaction.

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