Mariusz Olszewski

From: Lesna, Poland  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"I have to pass it on. In order for younger generations to get what we’ve experienced, what we’ve done in our lives, it has to be passed on and shared."
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Simply put, Mariusz Olszewski loves dance. He truly enjoys sharing his passion with others—collaborating with and inspiring dancers, students, ballroom champions and choreographers in his community.

Mr. Olszewski was born in Lesna, Poland in 1969. He developed an interest in theater, art, and music at a very early age. After studying theater, he grew to love dance but his opportunities in Poland were limited, with only folk, ballet, and ballroom dance available for much of his life. Mariusz longed to perform modern dance like many of his idols.

He joined Poland’s first modern dance company—The Silesian Dance Theater—where he received President’s of Silesia Outstanding Artist Award in 1995. Eager for more artistic freedom and the opportunity to learn from the world’s best modern dancers, Mr. Olszewski knew he would have to leave Poland. In 1996, he immigrated to the United States after successfully auditioning for JAZZDANCE by Danny Buraczeski—a modern jazz dance troupe.

Since arriving in the U.S., Mr. Olszewski has performed at the biggest dance festival and the most prominent stages such as Kennedy Center in D.C., The Joyce Theater in N.Y. and The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. He choreographed for several dance companies and has coached and created show dances for many successful ballroom dance couples including two US and World Professional American Smooth Champions. Additionally, he choreographs for You Can Dance—the Polish version of the hit TV show So You Think You Can Dance. Mr. Olszewski lives in Minneapolis where he continues to perform, teach, and choreograph. He is a recipient of 2005 McKnight Artist Fellowship for a Dancer.


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