Maria Radoslavova

From: Sliven, Bulgaria  Current City: San Francisco, CA
"As a teacher and as an immigrant, I am able to teach some Americans how to become professionals. I feel very happy about that."
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Mari Radoslavova spent most of her life in her home country of Bulgaria. She left in order to be closer to her daughter and for professional growth.

Dr. Radoslavova was born in Sliven, Bulgaria. She attended Sofia University where she earned her BA and PhD in psychology. Dr. Radoslavova began her professional career in Bulgaria as a psychology researcher. Eventually, she decided to share her knowledge with others and became a professor at Sofia University.

Over time, Dr. Radoslavova longed to live close to her daughter who had moved to the United States. She discovered the Green Card Lottery program, which offers permanent residency in an attempt to diversify the United States. When Maria received a call from her daughter saying she had won a green card, it was the perfect opportunity to reunite her family.

Dr. Radoslavova arrived in California during the recent recession; it was extremely difficult to find jobs in higher education. After refocusing her search, Dr. Radoslavova found a teaching position in the Management Department of San Francisco State University’s College of Business. Her new career provides her a satisfying challenge and opportunity to share her experiences with American students. Dr. Radoslavova lives in San Francisco, California with her husband.

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