Marai Castillo Fonseca

From: Texcoco, Mexico  Current City: Fargo, ND
"I want to be an interpreter because Fargo is getting very big and there are a lot of Hispanic people coming in so I want to help them to get used to Fargo."
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When Marai Castillo Fonseca heard she was moving to Fargo, she used her computer to find images of her future home. The beautiful snowscapes she found got her excited for the next stage of her life.

During her early childhood, Marai lived in a house in a small neighborhood Texcoco. She lived with many extended relatives, including her grandmother, uncles, aunt, and cousins. Marai spent most of her time at school, drawing in notebooks, visiting the market with friends, and walking with her grandmother.

Marai later moved to San Miguel, Mexico. Her mother met an Australian man, and they decided to get married. Soon after, Marai learned her family would be moving to another city, one she had never heard of before: Fargo, North Dakota. Moving to Fargo provided Marai with a number of challenges. She had to adapt to a new culture, climate, school, and language.

Currently, Marai is a student at Fargo South High School, and her favorite subjects are art and English. She has cultivated a passion for helping others by volunteering for the Red Cross. In the future, Marai wants to go to college and study social science. She wants to become an interpreter so she can help new Hispanic families that move to Fargo.

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