Manish Shahdadpuri

From: New Delhi, India  Current City: Blaine, MN
"U.S. is a very good place to raise a family. Here, we can give our children the best of both worlds: a blend of Western culture and our own roots."
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When Manish Shahdadpuri left his native India, he only brought enough possessions to fill two suitcases. The suitcases are now gone, replaced by his own house and family.

Mr. Shahdadpuri was born in New Delhi in 1973. Growing up, he was extremely interested in sports, but his passion by far was cricket. He graduated from Nagpur University with a degree in engineering. While working in India, Manish was sent abroad to the U.S. and U.K. for brief assignments. When several of his friends were taking job opportunities in U.S. in the late 1990’s, he decided to follow suit to pursue better professional opportunities. It was more of a casual decision.

In July of 2000, Mr. Shahdadpuri arrived in Moline, Illinois after he was sponsored by one of the recruitment companies. Manish initially lived in a company apartment with three of his friends from India. Manish then spent a few months in Boston on assignment before returning to Illinois. Eventually, he was relocated to Minneapolis and worked as a consultant with SDRC (now Siemens PLM). Eventually, he joined the same company as a permanent employee and has been working at the same company since 2002.

Currently, Mr. Shahdadpuri is a Software Engineering Manager at Siemens PLM managing a team of over 30 people distributed around the world. Manish has made an effort to keep his passion for cricket alive. In 2003, he helped found Friends Cricket Club, which is one of the most respected teams in Minnesota Cricket Association today. He also actively participates in coaching cricket to youth in Minneapolis. Mr. Shahdadpuri keeps himself actively involved in organizing, volunteering and participating at various multicultural affairs and community events. He lives in Blaine, Minnesota with his wife and two children.


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