Mana Kharrazi

From: Teheran, Iran  Current City: New York City, NY
"It’s all about being able to someway make this a better place. I feel it’s my obligation to do that."
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Mana Kharrazi has spent much of her life moving. With these constant disruptions, understanding her identity was sometimes a struggle.

Before she was born, Ms. Kharrazi’s family left their home in Iran with the onset of the Iranian Revolution in 1979. They moved to Germany, although Mana’s mother would briefly return to Iran and gave birth to her in a more familiar environment. In pursuit of better opportunities, they lived in Germany for a few years before deciding to relocate to the United States.

A significant part of Mana’s childhood in the U.S. was spent moving throughout the Southern states.  Although she switched schools frequently, Ms. Kharrazi participated in various political organizations, and she developed interests in social justice and human rights. After graduating high school, she earned a scholarship to attend Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where she received a BA in International Studies and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as a minor in Persian.

Ms. Kharrazi served as a Field Organizer for Amnesty International USA, working in several states in the Southern U.S. After spending so much time in the South, Mana decided to move to New York and took a job at Iranian Alliances Across Boarders (IAAB), a non-profit, non-partisan organization aimed at strengthening the Iranian diaspora. She had previously worked with IAAB as a camp counselor and director, but she eventually became the Executive Director for the entire organization, working with Iranian-American youth who share her experiences.

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