Malakal Alamo

From: Nasir, South Sudan  Current City: Faribault, MN
"I cannot say I don’t have hope; I have hope. Because what has brought me along is hope."
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Despite the many hardships in her life, Malakal Alamo has not lost hope. Hope has been a constant presence for her.

Born in Sudan, Ms. Alamo enjoyed her childhood. She attended school and swam in the Nile River. Her father passed away when Malakal was quite young, leaving her mother to raise seven children. When the Sudanese Civil War began, her family fled the country. After her mother died, Ms. Alamo made her way to Ethiopia where she met her husband. Together they moved to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya to pursue a resettlement application.

Conditions were harsh and food was scare. When resettlement did not come, Malakal returned to Ethiopia with her children. One night she dreamt that she was moving to the United States. Soon after, she reunited with an acquaintance that worked as a translator in refugee camps. He secured an application for Malakal and she was selected for resettlement.

Coming to the United States was an emotional time for Ms. Alamo. She had to leave her children behind and worked long shifts to support herself. Her hard work paid off when her children joined her in the United States. Now living in Faribault, Minnesota, Malakal is working towards earning her GED so she can find a good job to help support her children through college.


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