Majra Mucić

From: Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina  Current City: St. Louis Park, MN
"We try and do good work for our community that we’re in now, but we also contribute to our community back home. These two motivations form what I do with my life."
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Majra Mucić never thought her childhood was out of the ordinary. Later, she realized not every child grew up waiting in line for food rations and hiding from air raids.

Ms. Mucić was born in Zenica, Bosnia in 1988—four years prior to the start of the Bosnian War. After the war, her family decided to immigrate and escape the economic and political tensions that remained. After an arduous screening process in a refugee camp, her family was paired with a host family in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Upon her arrival in 2001, Majra had a difficult time adjusting to the nuances of her new home. From the bus system to the grocery store, everything seemed so different. Life at school was just as tough; few children were willing to reach out to Majra. She eventually made friends over a mutual passion—sports.

Since then, Ms. Mucić graduated from Macalester College with a B.A. in international studies and economics. She was named Macalester’s Female Athlete of the Year three times. Currently, she works for the American Refugee Committee—an international nonprofit specializing in humanitarian assistance. She also coaches youth basketball and volleyball. Someday, she hopes to host basketball clinics in Bosnia, using athletics to bridge cultural gaps.

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