Luis Angel Santos Henriquez

From: San Salvador, El Salvador  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"I remember that I was looking around and everything was so different and I was like ‘Where am I?’"
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The life of Luis Angel Santos Henriquez has been trying. With incredible strength and determination, he has preserved and hopes to help others overcome their challenges as well.

Born in the city of San Salvador, Angel faced many challenges in his early life. From the age of four, he was bullied due to his sexual orientation. Combined with a frequent change of schools, it was hard for Angel to make many friends. It culminated to the point where he tried to commit suicide when he was thirteen.

When his father was sponsored for a visa to go to the United States, Angel was able to come as well due to a recent change in immigration law. He jumped at the opportunity to live in a country that was more tolerate and provided a greater sense of security. In the first few weeks, it was difficult for Angel to adjust to his new life. He spoke very little English and felt lost.

Since then, Angel has become comfortable in his new home. He’s grown familiar with the city of Minneapolis and feels much safer than when he lived in El Salvador. He currently attends school at Wellstone International High School. After graduating, Angel hopes to become a psychologist or a cosmetologist so he can others improve their self-worth.

luis angel santos

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