Kitty Kachhawa

From: Bikaner, India  Current City: Santa Clara, CA
"I may have given up a lot of things back home, but I have also gained a lot by coming to The U.S."
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Kitty Kachhawa took her first international flight when she moved to The United States with her husband. As a newlywed, she was eager to begin the next stage of her life.

Kitty was born in Bikaner, a small town in the northwestern part of India. She is the youngest child in the family and grew up surrounded by her extended family. She graduated with a master’s degree in business economics and worked with NIIT as Manager, Operations in New Delhi. Her parents arranged for her to marry an Indian man based in the United States. After they married, she moved to The U.S. with him.

When she arrived in Boston in 2011, Kitty was awestruck by perpetual snow and cold. The climate was not the only thing to which she had to acclimate. Having left her successful career in India, she had to adjust to being a homemaker.

Having witnessed how nonprofit organizations help the community, she has been volunteering as a business analyst for GreatNonprofits—a social enterprise aiming to improve excellence in nonprofit organizations. Currently, Kitty is a contractor for Apple, Inc. and lives San Francisco Bay Area with her husband. Although she misses being close to her family, Kitty keeps in touch through social media and annual visits back home.

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