Kamila Ahmed

From: Dadaab, Kenya  Current City: Faribault, MN
"We saw a fridge. We saw a table…we were happy because we had never seen those things around."
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Kamila Ahmed has faced many hardships in her life—from losing her father at a young age to relocating to a new country—yet she has never let those obstacles hold her back.

In 1998, Kamila was born in Kenya to Somali parents. Her parents left Somalia in order to escape the violence of the Somali Civil War. They walked for twenty-five grueling days before they finally reached the Kenyan border. They settled in Dagahaley, refugee camp in Dadaab where Kamila and her siblings were born.

Life in the camp was hard for Kamila and her family. Her father died when she was a few months old; her mother had to care for the household by herself. When she was ten years old, Kamila found out that her family would be moving to the United States. After several long flights, she arrived in her new home—Nashville, Tennessee. Kamila made new friends quickly and started the seventh grade. Although she initially struggled at school, she learned quickly and grow more comfortable over time.

After a few years, Kamila moved to Colorado and then to Faribault, Minnesota. Kamila finished her senior year at Faribault High School and graduated in June. She plans to attend South Central Community College and study business management. In the future, Kamila aspires to be a businesswoman and possibly a teacher.


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