Janne Gossman

From: Sakskøbing, Denmark  Current City: New London, MN
"I’ve contributed to the small community where I live just by welcoming new people. Because I know how it is to be new in a community."
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Janne Gossman inherited her caregiving gene from her mother and has devoted her whole life to assisting others as a nurse.

Ms. Gossman was born in the town of Sakskøbing, Denmark, located on the island of Lolland. Her father was a teacher, and her family lived in a small apartment above the school building. Janne performed very well academically. Having an affinity for languages, she learned English, German, Latin, and French during her schooling.

While she was attending university, Ms. Gossman met her husband—a native of Minnesota. He was visiting Denmark, but ask her to move to the U.S. with him. Janne agreed so long as they didn’t move until she had finished earning her nursing degree. After finishing her degree, Ms. Gossman immigrated to Minnesota in 1990.

The first year is the U.S. was difficult for Ms. Gossman. She had to complete another nursing certification in order to work in the U.S., a process that took an entire year. Since then, Janne worked as a nurse for 25 years, having recently retired. Ms. Gossman lives in New London, Minnesota with her husband. She has three grow children, two born in Denmark and one in Willmar. She is currently working towards her American citizenship and becoming a dual citizen.

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