Ivan Stojaković

From: Belgrade, Serbia  Current City: New York City, NY
"Just give me more citizenships so the puzzle pieces are greater, so the earth finally feels as though it doesn't have any limits for me. I stopped seeing myself as belonging to a cliché kind of mold."
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Ivan Stojaković’s life was changed when he watched his home country of Yugoslavia collapse while living in Minnesota as an exchange student, putting him on a course eventually leading to triple citizenship.

After returning to Belgrade in 1992, Mr. Stojaković was distraught at the social and cultural changes the civil war precipitated. And though his asthma prevented him from being drafted, Ivan began looking for sources of refuge from the conflict that engulfed his country and his city’s culture. He turned to hiking and alpine climbing in the remote Montenegrin countryside. During these trips, Mr. Stojaković fell in love not only with nature inspired art; but also with his future wife – Sanja. Together, they planned their adventure/escape to Toronto, Canada, where Sanja’s sister was living.

In Toronto, Mr. Stojaković completed an art degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design; his career as an artist began to takeoff shortly thereafter. Upon applying to the U.S. Green Card Lottery for ten years, Ivan was finally accepted. He and his wife promptly moved to New York City.

Mr. Stojaković and his family live in Kew Gardens, Queens. Stojaković’s art studio is in Buswhick, the up and coming area of New York, where the edgy and up and coming art scene is happening now. And aside from having his works exhibited around the world, Ivan also teaches art.

For additional information, visit: www.ivanstojakovic.com


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