Iraguha Yvette

From: Dodoma, Tanzania  Current City: Fargo, ND
"My hope is that people in America get to know our motherland, Africa, more as we are learning about their land."
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When she arrived in the United States in 2010, Iraguha Yvette was very nervous and scared. She was uprooted from her home in Tanzania and placed in a world completely foreign to her: North Dakota.

Iraguha was born to Rwandan parents who immigrated to Tanzania. As a child, she would explore the forests and play games with her friends. Her family owned two businesses and enjoyed a comfortable life. However, her family was regularly targeted by thieves and threatened; they fled to a refugee camp. Because her father was well-known, Iraguha and her family were processed quickly and resettled in Fargo, North Dakota.

Coming to the United States was a frightening and nerve-wracking experience for Iraguha. On the airplane, she found the food utterly unappetizing but enjoyed her first soda. Other new experiences included riding an escalator and enduring the brutal Midwestern winters. When she began school, Iraguha was bullied by her peers because she couldn’t speak English.

Currently, Iraguha is a student at Fargo South High School. While she enjoys dancing and cooking, her favorite activity is singing. She participates in a local church choir that performs around the area. After finishing high school, Iraguha hopes to become a fashion designer.

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