Ian Graue

From: Loxton, Australia  Current City: Raymond, MN
"It’s tough because many of the life skills that I had built up over the years don’t have pieces of paper to go with them."
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Ian Graue has traveled all over the world serving a variety of communities. He now offers his service to his new home in the U.S.

Born in Loxton, Australia, Mr. Graue grew up on a family farm. As the only male child in the family, he was meant to take over the farm when he grew older. He earned a scholarship to an agricultural college and moved away from home. While attending college, he discovered that he loved learning and chose to pursue a degree in education.

After college, Mr. Graue married and started a family of his own. Unfortunately, his wife passed away from cancer, and he suddenly became a single father of three. Ian remarried to an Evangelical pastor from the U.S. After a few years, they decided to travel the world doing missionary work. Mr. Graue went on to spend 10 years in Papua New Guinea and 5 years in the Central African Republic.

After years abroad, Mr. Graue and his wife decided to move to the U.S. Currently, he works as a program coordinator for PACT for Families Collaborative, which provides mental health services to families and children. He helps run an after school program for the local youth. Mr. Graue and his wife live in Raymond, Minnesota.

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