Hrishi Shah

From: Solapur, India  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"I feel that with the world shrinking and people moving around, the new norm is being unsettled. There’s so much to learn by moving around. I feel like a truly global citizen."
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Since childhood, Hrishi Shah has been on the move. From Mumbai to Sri Lanka, Detroit to Minneapolis, he sees every new location as an opportunity to learn from others.

Mr. Shah was born in Solapur, India in 1974. His family moved to Mumbai where he spent most of his childhood. In his youth, Hrishi was very creative. He enjoyed drawing, music, and movies. His father was relocated to Sri Lanka; they stayed there for five years before moving back to Solapur. Mr. Shah graduated with distinction with a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science. He moved to Mumbai to work for his current employer: Syntel Inc.

After working for a year, he was offered an opportunity to work on a project in the U.S. Mr. Shah accepted and moved to New York City in 2000. Less than a year after his arrival, Hrishi witness the September 11 terrorist attacks; his office was across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Shah returned to India.

Since 2001, Mr. Shah has moved back and forth between India and the U.S. He has lived in Michigan, Kentucky, and Minnesota. Currently, Mr. Shah is an IT services consultant for Syntel Inc., a Michigan-based IT company with several stations in India. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and son.

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