Gilchrista “Gigi” Yau

From: Hong Kong, China  Current City: St. Paul, MN
"It’s fascinating to understand different people from different places."
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Gilchrista “Gigi” Yau makes an effort to enjoy life no matter where she is. Her passion for singing has helped her accomplish this goal.

Ms. Yau was born in Hong Kong, during the time when it was a British colony. She received a thorough education in English and Music. She began singing career at the age of 18 with an Italian opera company. From that moment, she participated with several ensembles. After completing a two-year degree in computer science, Gigi decided to join her brother in Chicago for a change of pace.

When Ms. Yau arrived in the U.S., she spoke fluent British English. Although she could communicate with relative ease, she had to adjust to the difference in vocabulary and syntax of American English. As a college student, Gigi enjoyed meeting a wide variety to people from all over the world. Her English improved as she worked at her school’s computer lab and law review.

Currently, Ms. Yau works as a mortgage loan officer, mainly with a multicultural client base. Her career allows her to meeting all kinds of individuals and make personal connections on a regular basis. Gigi continues to pursue her love of singing. She was a member of the Minnesota Chorale for 17 years and has sung with several organist and church choirs. Ms. Yau currently resides in St. Paul, MN.

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