Fadumo Yusuf

From: Jijiga, Ethiopia  Current City: Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Be comfortable with who you are and your identity and your own skin. Because when you're in an environment where you're very different from everyone else, sometimes it can be a little bit intimidating, and sometimes you feel kind of out of place. But just be comfortable with who you are, and use your identity as an asset, rather than seeing it as a liability or something that can kind of hold you back or diminish you."
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Fadumo Yusuf is a Somali immigrant, raised in Jigjiga, Somali Region of Ethiopia. Ever since she was a child, she has been curious and passionate about experimentation and new experiences. When Fadumo was fourteen, her family learned that they would be resettling to Minnesota. While her family spent their final days in Ethiopia packing, saying goodbye to friends, and preparing for the move, Fadumo was determined to study for her final exams even though they were scheduled for two days after her flight. Fadumo was ready to take her exams just in case her flight did not take off. After arriving in Minneapolis, she persisted in her high school classes and adjusted to the new education system, determined to go to college. A high school teacher noticed Fadumo’s aptitude for STEM, and encouraged her to join a club focused on invention, where Fadumo designed a low cost HIV testing device. Upon graduating from high school, Fadumo received seven of the ten scholarships she’d applied for, including the Gates-Millenium Scholarship, and completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of St. Thomas, and her Master’s degree at the University of Minnesota in mechanical engineering with a minor in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Now, Fadumo works for a medical device company in Minnesota where she works with a team of engineers to bring new technologies to the market. Fadumo also serves on the board of directors of a local STEM school, and in her spare time, she writes short stories and poems, and mentors young girls pursuing STEM.

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