Fabiola Gutierrez

From: Lima, Peru  Current City: St. Paul, MN
"I had to give up being close to my family, especially my grandparents. I still see them sometimes, but it’s not the same."
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Fabiola Gutierrez was very young when she moved from Peru to the U.S. Although some adjustments were easy for her, it was extremely difficult for Fabiola to be so far from her family.

Ms. Gutierrez spent her first years living in Peru. She spent most of her time playing in a pharmacy owned by her grandparents. Since her parents worked full-time, Fabiola developed strong relationships with her extended family. One day, Ms. Gutierrez found out she was leaving Peru; her mother had received a student visa to go to United States. After saying goodbye to her friends and family, Fabiola got on a plane to Pennsylvania.

The small college town in central Pennsylvania was a stark contrast to the thriving metropolis of Lima, Peru. The most difficult part of Fabiola’s transition was being so far away from her extended family, especially her grandparents. After finishing high school, Ms. Gutierrez moved to St. Paul, Minnesota to attend Macalester College.

Ms. Gutierrez recently graduated from Macalester College in May of 2014. She majored in international studies and minored in both anthropology and computer science. Since graduating, Fabiola has been adjusting to the transition between college and adult life. She works as a software quality assurance analyst and lives in Minneapolis.

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