Enrique Garcia Salazar

From: Quebrantadero, Mexico  Current City: Richfield, MN
"The opportunity comes for the person who really wants to take it, but it’s there for everybody."
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When Enrique Garcia Salazar arrived in the U.S., he didn’t know how to cook. Now, he owns a successful restaurant group, proof that anything is possible for those who dream.

Mr. Garcia Salazar was born in the city of Quebrantadero in Morelos, Mexico. Born in a poor family, he starting working after school since he was six. Later, he attended technical school before dropping out and deciding to immigrate to the U.S. An acquaintance was opening a new bakery in Minneapolis and asked Enrique to work for him there. He eagerly accepted.

When he arrived in 1993, Mr. Garcia Salazar was immediately faced with challenges. He had no place to stay and spoke very little English. Even the bus system was a source of difficulty. In time, he was able to find an apartment and establish his career.

In 1992, Mr. Garcia Salazar opened La Loma Tamales with his wife. Although knowing little about business management, the business has thrived. In 2013, City Pages awarded La Loma Tamales the Best Tamales in the Twin Cities. To give back to his community, Enrique contributes to Latino scholarship funds on an annual basis. He lives in Richfield, MN with his wife and their children.

For additional information, visit: www.laloma.com

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